Sunday pick: Inside a Volcano!

Dear Reader,

Yes, Stanito and her team like to find new challenges so how about this one!

They found the Masaya Volcano and went to see it at night.


The entire story is coming up this week!


Colours of Managua

Dear Reader,
So much to tell about this remarkable and peculiar country. In the meantime, here’s a glance of what the centre of Managua by night, particularly its colours.

There is a lot you need to know about Nicaragua and especially about its politicians. Rumor has it Mrs. Ortega, the current President’s wife, is somewhat linked to witchcraft. Seriously, that’s what local people say. They say she loves colours and that in an attempt of having people forget about painful memories of the revolution’s colours red and black, she invested 20,000 USD for each coloured tree you see in these photos. Each of these trees has different bright colours and they all represent the Tree of Life, heavily inspired by Gustav Klimt’s 1909 painting Tree of Life. And I’m talking about few hundreds of these trees spread all over Managua. The old abandoned cathedral also went the same way but only on one side.

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