The Tiring Sagrada Familia

Dear Reader,

when you go to Spain and especially to Barcelona is sort of a must-see thing a visit to the Sagrada Familia basilica.
I have a strange feeling when it comes to visit super touristic places, like it happened in Beijing, so I had extra patience packed when I arrived in front of the basilica.


The unfinished emblematic temple of Barcelona was lately under the hands and care of a Japanese architect so that he may finally put an end to its construction. In fact, apart from Gaudí, 3 architects put their dedication to it and yet the monument is still not finished…


The 130-year master piece of art that is Barcelona’s Sagrada Família could soon reach an end, but I wonder, would Gaudí like it the way it is? Does the monument reflect his initial vision?

When he died he left large plaster models of the nave and of key elements. He also left drawings of the whole temple idea which included the famous cucumber tower everyone talks about but that is yet to be built. Seems like Gaudí himself changed his mind during the development of the church giving the idea that maybe during the progress he would have continued adding new elements or changing style direction.

Reason why I wanted to mention this monument is because of the tiring feeling it provoked in me.
The art nouveau gothic temple made my eyes feel very tired due to the extensive amount of details and the mix of styles of each architect confused my eyes and decreased my enthusiasm…

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