Very Tricky Landing in Tegucigalpa

Dear reader,

have you ever been to Tegucigalpa? 🙂

If you haven’t, let me tell you one thing: if you fly there it will be a landing you will never forget. It will be the first time an airplane takes a vertical inclination on such low altitude that you think the wing touches the houses below. Plus the stir of currents and the sudden immersion between hills will make the landing in Toncontín Intl. Airport in Honduras a unique experience. And to think that this time there wasn’t even turbulence involved.

This time, it all happened on a rainy morning…
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Tegucigalpa: The Wire City

Stanito is always happy to travel to new places 🙂 and Honduras certainly fit the bill. After work she was ready to go out and explore and as she was warned about the city being particularly not safe, she was armed with just few lempiras and her camera (I don’t think you need anything more).
Her friend M. though was there waiting ready with the typical friendly warnings and suggestions:

M: “Stana, just beware of cables, there are plenty that are loose and can reach your height”
Stanito: “… Cables? Hahahaha why with cables? :)”
M: “No no, I’m serious, there is a cables over-presence here. People have died electrocuted!”
Stanito: “… ??!”

I honestly thought my friend was exaggerating, you know when you’re hosted somewhere you expect this kindness like good suggestions, tips, warnings, etc. But as I stepped out of my room, I could see what she meant…

Wires-Tegu© Stanito, 2013

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