Hampton Court

Dear Reader,

This is Hampton Court Palace, a palace fit for a king, someone once said… With its unique red-brick style, Hampton Court was once the envy of most sovereigns in Europe, especially France and its rival palace of Versailles.

Originally built in 1514 for Cardinal Wolsey, his failure to secure an annulment for Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon led the Cardinal and royal chancellor to cede this residence to his king.

Here are some curious things to know about this royal palace:

1- You can pray where Henry VIII for his Chapel Royal is still there and intact.

2- the kings’tennis court is still there and functioning as an actual sports club for tennis and squash.

3- It’s haunted. England is full of ghosts stories and Hampton Court is not exempted. There are whispers of strange chills and ghostly sightings. Someone even told me to have witnessed a beheaded woman wondering in the halls…

4- Hampton Court has the largest surviving 16th century kitchens in the world. 200 cooks worked slavishly from sunrise to sunset to feed 800 guests (sometimes even more) when Henry’s entourage was staying at the palace.


9 Things you didn’t know about Reno

Dear Reader,

Most people know that Reno, Las Vegas‘ little brother, was once the gambling capital of the United States until late 60’s.
Most people from the 80’s will also know that the super fun movie Sister Act was filmed here…
And finally, I think most people will know that Reno is where Levi Strauss Jeans got the first fabric for its jeans with copper rivets, thus creating the famous brand.

But I bet, Dear Reader, here I have 9 (just because I didn’t want to give the typical ’10 things…’) things that you don’t know about this cute little city

Stagnate arriving to the Biggest Little City in the World
  • It’s illegal to use bad words in front of a dead body.
  • Reno holds the Guinness World Record for most people playing checkers at one time, 540.
  • Gambling in Reno can be traced back to pre-colonial times, with games being played in celebration of hunts and harvests.
  • Reno’s names comes from a man who has never been to Reno, Jesse Lee Reno, an army officer who served during the Mexican-American War.

    Stanito and Travel Buddy posing under the famous lit sign which is turned on every day at 8:30 pm
  • While many people regards Vegas as the marriage capital of the world, Reno, due to a very lax divorce law back in the 30’s, became the divorce capital of the world after 30,000 couples untied the knot between in those years.
  • Sex toys are illegal here in Reno….


  • It is illegal to lie down on the side walk.
  • Before taking the name “Mark Twain,” Samuel Clemens went to Reno to search for gold and silver but returned with empty hands


  • Reno is the second drunkest city in America with the third most deaths from liver disease.