Chilean Protests: the commercialization of Education

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From time to time Stanito dedicates space to her reader fellows for ideas, suggestions, topics they want to cover or simply for curiosity. So lately I’ve had questions regarding the Chilean students protests, what they look like, how massive they are, why they happened in the first place. Let’s jump back in time…

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Eyes of a Revolution

Egyptian woman kissing police man during the revolution against Mubarak. Egypt, 2011
Egyptian woman defends a wounded man in front of a bulldozer after clashes between security forces and opposition groups that left hundreds dead in Cairo. Egypt, 2013
An anti-government protester gives a rose to a Thai soldier in Bangkok. Thailand, 2013
In Ankara, riot police help a woman affected by tear gas fired during clashes with demonstrators. Turkey, 2013


Protests of Morsi’s supporters. Cairo, 2013


Aftermath of car bombing in Shaab, Baghdad. Iraq, 2013