Photo of the Day: welcome to Rajasthan

Dear Reader,

This is the I know spot used as a cover for Lonely Planet Rajasthan.

The door is found in the Pink City, Jaipur.


Fish auction: How to buy fish in Tunisia

Dear Reader,

Traveling can teach you even the most basic things. As our road trip around Tunisia taught Stanito valuable lessons on how to behave, how to drive, and other essentials, we also learnt very simple things like how to bargain, how to roll down sand dunes, how to pour tea, how to catch octopus and also how to actually buy fish in a real fish auction.

I know what you must be thinking. “Come on, how to buy fish? You just go, pick and pay!”
Well no dear Reader 🙂 in Tunisia buying fish is a lot more fun and different!

It all happened on a very hot afternoon in Djerba…

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