Blow the Horn: Essentials

Dear Reader,

Blowing or honking the horn turns out to be a whole new experience in India. Encouraging signs are everywhere.


For some essential on how, when, where, why, whose and what horn to blow in India, don’t miss them on my upcoming feature post!



Only in Mexico

Dear Reader,

Driving is always an indicator of many things. Some countries will be safe and follow the driving rules. While others will simply drive you crazy.

As Chris and I often drive to new places in this amazing countries, it’s very common to find these driving-riding styles:

These guys looked very amused while riding in the back of a pickup truck, holding what looked like a wooden board.

A little tip!  If you’re driving on a Mexican highway expect to encounter different driving habits, highway markings and ‘rules of the road.’  Mexicans are fairly easy going people…  that is until they get behind the wheel of a car… The first few times you drive, especially in Guadalajara (a city of 7 million people), you’ll likely feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of traffic, crazy drivers and the glorietas (roundabouts).
If you drive defensively in Mexico, chances are you’ll have no problems at all. Driving in Mexico is safe – it is. You’ll just need to exercise extra care, and be prepared for things to be a little different to what you are used to.

These guys, who looked like construction workers, seemed tired so they took advantage of the ride to rest a little bit.