Photo of the Day: The Lagoon of Bacalar

Dear Reader,

Today I celebrate one of the most beautiful lagoons I have ever seen: the Lagoon of Bacalar, else known as the Lagoon of Seven Shades of Turquoise.


Turquoise is everywhere here… and this place holds more oddities and curiosities than you can imagine. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s big post on Bacalar!


7 Sleepy Giants

Dear Reader,

a Berber legend goes like this:

Seven men were allegedly buried in the surroundings of the masjid some uncommonly large tombs (about 4 meters long) are visible. It is a popular belief that during their long sleep they did not stop growing, so when they woke up they had become giants.

And here are they buried, underneath this beautiful masjid of Chenini.




Valle del Elqui: from the Himalaya to the Andes

Astronomy, Meditation, relax, clean sky, rest, history, local food, reservoirs, the birth place of the Pisco brand Elqui, and UFO ubductions are just some of the elements that make Valle del Elqui one of the favourite destinations for those looking for a magical place, spiritual connection, or a hippie dimension.

Valle del Elqui© Stanito, 2009
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