If we were having coffee…

Dear Stanito,

If you and I were having coffee, what would you be saying? Would you be standing waiting for the coffee to be ready and shoot off with it? Would you be sitting down or moving around the place?

I love these questions and I thank the Reader who asked them 🙂

I know coffee is surely important but I’ve never thought of putting it in writing before…

If you ask me, coffee is the first and most sacred moment of my day for which being sited on a comfy sofa is strictly required. Hopefully accompanied by a croissant I can dunk in and eat…


It’s the moment where I enjoy silence and peace and when the aroma is all I can smell

Important conclusions come with an espresso.

It’s the moment where sleepy thoughts mesh with the real ones: “Bubbles, a war, pedicure, the boss, a party… Where’s my coffee…?”


I have experimented in the past with not having coffee in the morning and the day simply didn’t work at all. It’s probably because of both my mom and dad raised me with the delicious aroma of fresh coffee every morning that it became such a fundamental element in my life. Friends like Tea, Eleonora, Rebecca and Anna will probably nod as they read these lines in approval 🙂


If we were having coffee I’d probably tell you how much I love coffee first

Life begins after coffee…

Everybody should believe in something… I believe I’ll have another coffee.


Wake up… and smell the coffee.

After a few sips I’ll probably feel more awake and ready to talk more. I’d tell you about my amazing week ends on the road with Chris the Travel Buddy. I’d tell you about future trips I’m planning, I’d tell you how much I adore mornings at 9 am.


It’s not a ritual, really, it’s more as a meditation moment that normally lasts 45 minutes / 1 hour where I quietly enjoy my caffelatte and read the news off my phone, see what family and friends are up to and how my blog is going this morning 🙂


The magic of coffee. But I’m Italian, so there is only one way I can fully express my devotion to coffee:


Lady in Red of Tianjin

Dear Reader,

Riccio, Mr. Ames and I were tired of Beijing… We had seen the most important sites but crowds and heat truly took a toll on us. So one night Mr. Ames says “Beijing is not working for us, lets go to Tianjin for the day”. And so we did.
Thing is humidity and heat were everywhere but at least we escaped the unbearable crowds.
The humidity we found that day in Tianjin was truly appalling… just look at the air to have an idea of how thick humidity was that day in this port-town close to Beijing.

However, romance finds its way even in these conditions. We spotted several newlywed couples posing for pictures. Here is my favourite one, the lady dressed in red.

What you see in the background is the Bei’an Bridge 北安桥, built in the 1970’s inspired by the Pont Alexandre III in Paris. At first glance, it would be easy to assume that it were left over from the colonial era, particularly as it is situated just meters from the old Italian Concession.

I’m glad she didn’t mind me and Riccio taking her photo from so close, they just looked so beautiful.

lady_red_wedding_tianjin_beijing_china_stanito_1As a side note: not much of the old town of Tianjin is left to see. More on Tianjin on my next post!

Lava Tunnels of Galapagos

Dear Reader,

If you have been following my adventures up to this very day you should know that Stanito staff never hit crowded touristic places nor those places that you can easily track on internet with thousands of photos.
However, when I do find myself in one of those countries it is my strict policy to find an Off the Beaten Path attraction to it. It happened in Italy and now it’s time to find it in Galapagos 🙂

If you go to Galapagos, dear Reader, you certainly think of paradisiac beaches, tropical forests and tons of lovely animals wandering around you as I already showed before here and on my Instagram page.
However, it is possible to find spots that are off the beaten path. In fact, Galapagos has some spots to offer aside from sea fun activities.
One of these spots are the set of lava tunnels. Lava_tunnel_galapagos_stanito

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