Mussolini wanted an Anti-atomic Bunker like Hitler’s

Dear Reader,

It was the year 1937 when Benito Mussolini decided to start the construction of a bunker which is unique in his kind. He probably got the idea from Adolf Hitler as he was coming back from a visit to the Fuhrer around those months. In fact, after meeting in Munich, Hitler took Mussolini to a state visit; they toured around Germany and it is quite possible that during the visit Mussolini got a glimpse at Hitler’s underground bunker/art gallery, where he collected many pieces of art taken from all around Europe during the occupation.

Anyway, after the visit Mussolini came back to Italy and began the construction of his own bunker right on Monte Soratte. The bunker would serve as a private art gallery and as a refuge against bombing.


They say that Mussolini chose this hill for several reasons, these are the results according to my research:

1- Mussolini himself thought the hill looked like his own head. In fact, it is not strange to hear it called Monte Mussolini.

Curtesy of Youtube: this photo aims to show that Mussolini’s profile resembles the skyline of the hill. 

2- Some friends who study energy and esoteric explanations to life have told me that Monte Soratte is a big bag of energy that serves as self protection: rumor has it the hill was targeted and bombed several times but due to its unique energetic field bombs never hit the ground but instead they all exploded at mid air. They say that it could probably be explained by the immense calcareous formation that leads to an infinity of natural tunnels that somehow dampened any sort of impact.

Stanito is standing in front of the many many back doors you find at this site. If you take a peek you can see trucks that used to carry the art collected and that should have been kept safe and hidden.
The bunker medical station is still there, you can still see the original equipments and beds.

And this is only a small part of all that needs to be known about this curious place.
Next post, Stanito will take you inside the 4 km bunker. Stay tuned…